Information on working life

Changes in working life and new forms of work

The demands of working life have changed drastically over the last few decades. Previously, the labour market appreciated formal qualifications and a certain type of work experience. Nowadays, more than certifications, the market appreciates ‘good people’, i.e. people who have the solid skills, high motivation, enthusiasm and type of personality needed for the work in question.

Try to understand the recent events in your sector and the directions towards which various sectors are evolving. Keep up with news about the sector. Listen to expert interviews and follow interesting blogs. Many industries are living in a time of great changes. While some doors close, completely new ones open up elsewhere. The economy never sleeps.

Jobs of the future

Working life is undergoing a rapid change as a result of digitalisation, which is why new types of experts are needed in working life. The survey carried out under the Effectively into Working Life project indicates that graduates of higher education institutions are expected to be versatile and proficient in languages and have the attitude of an entrepreneur, knowledge of various fields and programming skills. Employers expect higher education institutions to produce experts who will create a new type of working life.


Global challenges and opportunities

Scarcity of resources, demographic change, technological changes and the global economy are megatrends that are changing the world and working life enormously. Internationality is closely linked to the global challenges that are shaping all sectors. A new type of expertise is also needed for these challenges.

International labour market

Many employers appreciate international work experience, and in principle work experience gained abroad is always beneficial in the job search process. Persons who have worked abroad appear to employers as ambitious, flexible and brave people who are unafraid of new challenges. Different environments provide different types of work experience, and work experience gained abroad can help you move forward.

International experiences – regardless of whether they are gained through volunteering or by other means – lend themselves to strengthen the essential skills needed in working life: problem-solving skills, networking and proactivity. You should also explain in concrete terms in your CV what you learned in volunteer work. One good example is project management skills.