My own boss


Becoming an entrepreneur is one way to employ yourself. Entrepreneurship is often considered to be stressful and difficult, but it involves a variety of alternatives and methods of implementation. Not all of us become entrepreneurs, even though entrepreneurship is a good way to go about implementing your own view and dream and even get paid for it. For some people, entrepreneurship runs in their blood, and they can think of no other way to live their life. Others end up becoming entrepreneurs by accident or even against their will.

One in five students at higher education institutions intend to become entrepreneurs after their graduation. If the student has already worked as an entrepreneur while studying, he or she is even more likely to become an entrepreneur.

According to one study, 21 per cent of those who have studied at a higher education institution consider entrepreneurship to be a likely or very likely career option. 65 per cent consider entrepreneurship to be unlikely. 13 per cent of respondents chose not to comment.

Entrepreneurship services and opportunities

Becoming an entrepreneur requires a great deal of planning, taking care of things and various calculations. You should spend a lot of time on these preparations and determine what you can take care of yourself and what you need help with. Another purpose of this planning process is to determine whether your idea needs further development. Sometimes it is wise to change your plan or try to come up with something else.

Entrepreneurship also largely involves networking. You need to surround yourself with clients, partners and operators. Find out more about various events intended for entrepreneurs and participate in them. These types of events are often intended specifically for prospective entrepreneurs, and they are full of people who can provide assistance. The events also provide good tips for starting a company.